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May 28, 2021

There are so many important things to remember when planning your wedding, but they're also way too easy to forget. In this week's episode we talk about the most common wedding planning mistakes every couple should avoid. 

Important Links We Talk About: Everything You Need in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

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May 21, 2021

Second-hand wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular as an affordable and eco-friendly option for brides. But there are a few things you should know first. We go over the best sites for buying used wedding dresses online, and well as our tips for making sure you (safely) get the right one.

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May 13, 2021

It's our favorite time of the month (and really, how often can we say that?!) when we answer YOUR wedding planning questions. On this week's episode we're talking about:

-What’s a fun and unique wedding send-off that will look great in photos?

-How do I ask my uncle to walk me down the aisle in a special way?

-I want...

May 6, 2021

We recently did a poll asking couples whether or not they were having wedding favors, and the results honestly surprised us. So, we thought we should do an episode all about them! We're talking about our favorite wedding favor ideas, how much they typically cost, and whether or not you should just go ahead and skip...