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Nov 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving! In this two-part Q&A we are answering even more questions from our listeners. This week we're going to cover topics such as:

  1. How does the day of transportation work if we are getting ready at a hotel?
  2. My fiancé and I are paying for the wedding. How do I convince my parents I’m not going to invite everybody they want?
  3. How do we save our guests from a boring speech?
  4. Would you give up a Saturday date to have a Friday wedding in a venue you like better?
  5. My fiancé’s friends want to take him to a strip club for his bachelor party, but I'm not comfortable with this.
  6. Can we send some guests paper STDs and other guests online ones?

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Production help and editing by Steven Zampanti

Music from Latché Swing: "Hungaria" & "Swing 3